O Início do Conto de Fadas

Esta é a tradução (manhosa) do poema "POCZĄTEK BAJKI" de Leopold Staff que a minha amiga Edyta deixou como resposta a este post. Acho que dá para compreender a mensagem.

"must evening of (in the evening of) incoming,
my it futile -.

Look (look) you on I with negative disbelief in smile?
But however, it will come, though with (from) free,
without hasten, fine, sweet.

It is necessary Jeno, in order to there was zloty (gold),
change dark summits (tops) in (to) trees day late echo telling torch.
But we must on it life sunny, without sin against (versus) personal beauty,
that we secret.

So, life, in order to when it will invite we boats of Charon,
look how (as) wave quietly, but coast passes away from eyes west decoration .
And can in order to love (amatory) squeeze of you
I can in order to love (amatory) squeeze of you and,
as sweetest fairy tale,
start story about life from child words I was case (together; time)."

6 comentários:

Mocho Falante disse...

Que giro ainda esta semana falei sobre a minha possível viagem à Polónia ainda este ano quando começo a dar de caras com a cultura polaca e até a blogoesfera não escapou...ele há coisas estranhas


IM disse...

Bem, definitivamente bem mais compreensível!!! eheheheehe
(muito bonito!....)

Edyta disse...

My poet:)).
thank you very much for your work.
What can I say...well done.
Can I add only a few comments?
Yes?, ok.

I want to only chang the title and the first two lines.

"The beginning of the fairy tale.
The evening must coming my soul - it is futile"
Do you look at me with the negative disbelief in smile?"

"Jeno" means "only/just" - it is very old Polish word, we don't use it any more.

mocho falante - do you want to come to Poland?

im - if you write your comments in English it will be more understandable/compreensivel for me:)). Of course in Polish will be fine as well.:)

I have to invent pseudonym for me:))...maybe "fairy tale":)).

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Mocho :) HAHA! Andas sempre no passeio tu, hein?

Mas agora a sério, vais mesmo à Polónia?

Hugzz polacos

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Im :) Um bocadito mais, naum achas? Hehehe!

Bjzz bonitos

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Edyta :) Thanks God you added some comments. You know those translation machines sometimes do things we'll never understand! :)

Are you thinking to get a nickname instead of Edyta?

Let me know!

Kisses with a new nickname