Europa Contra a Pena de Morte

Sincerely I hope tomorrow to be here to celebrate the Day Against the Death Penalty, at least for the 26 EU Countries (why not Poland?).

Why that cannot happen in Poland? Why Poland was the only EU-Country that did not accept to celebrate that day? If the Polish Government doesn't agree with that, I hope civil society can speak some words concerning the subject.

Religious fanaticism is so dangerous as radical-right/left in power. Please take care of the gifts you receive.

[photo by Kraak/Peixinho @ Varsóvia (PL), 22 Set '07]

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Mocho Falante disse...

e onde se assina por baixo este fantástico post?


Anna disse...

Thank God not the whole Polish society shares some "great" opinions and ideas of our government. And thank God Poland is bit more than "sękacz", "kurwa/strefa" and right wing politicians ;-)))
Kraak, I like your picture in the profile ;-)!

Edyta disse...

So Kraak, you didn't feel comfortably in our ortodox and backward country, did you?
You had to pray 5 times per day, went to church every day and before pasport control you had to sing alleluja 3 times:).

Which gift do you mean? Life? Freedom? Palac of Culture:)?

I hope you know my and Anna opinion about our Goverment.
Thank you for great Poland introduction.

Radical KISS

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Mocho :) Ando a fazer uma petição a ver se os polacos abrem a pestana!

Podes assinar em qualquer lado!


Hugzz assinadozz

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Anna :) Hopefully my dear!! That is amazing! Mr. Kaczynski proposes the day in "defense of life" against abortion and euthanasia. He says that UE forgot those little aspects concerning life and death penalty.

For those women who do an abortion, should we apply a death penalty?

I hate this kind of morality. Sincerely.

I also like the picture! No idea who took the pic... la la la


Neutral Kisses

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Edyta :) No, I'm feeling very confortable with my Polish friends and also Polish people who has an open minded. Problem is when some people took some decisions in the name of the community. In my opinion, I don't think (or I don't want to imagine) most of Polish people follow the opinion of Polish Government. You... you're brave! :)

That religious fanaticism is dangereous... very similar to muslim countries :Z

Concerning the gift, I mean Palace of Culture (Stalin).

Moderated Kisses! :P

anna disse...

ooopssss, I take back "sękacz" from the list... ;-)
Edyta: still friends ;-)???

Edyta disse...


Sękacz as a substitute theme...:)

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Anna, Edyta :)) "sękacz", please? The same as "kurwa"? :P

Kisses with no "kurwa's"