Approaching November

They are coming! Warsaw+Rio de Janeiro Syndrome! Ain't it nice?

Stay with us!


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extravaganza disse...

Anna is coming?

Weeeeeee, Party time!!! :)

Anna disse...

yeap, extravaganza I am coming to Lisbon :) hope to finally meet you and have some party time ;-)Of course, Kraak you are also invited ;-)))
beijos 4 all!

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Extravaganza, Anna :)) WEE! Anna is coming as you could see. Thanks 4 the invitation, Anna. :Z

I don't want to be a b-side in that party.

Flying Kisses

Anna disse...

kraak, come one, no party without you!
As an Irishman would say: "No crack without kraak" :)
beijos from grey warsaw

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Anna :) HAHA! I'm like the other one: no the Flying Scotsman, but the Flying Irishman, LOL.

Do y'have some crack? :Z

Stoned Kisses :P

Anna disse...

I always try to have crack since in the Irish-English "crack" means "fun / good time" :)
I hope after my stay in Lisbon I could say "I had good crack in Portugal" ;-)!

beijos, Flying Irishman :)

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Anna :) HAHAHA! Are you in disguise? Hehehe! :)))

I hope you can have a good crack here in Lisbon :P

Kraak's Kisses

extravaganza disse...

And for when is this "crack time"??


Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Extravaganza :) We'll never know... Anna arrives on 6th Nov, staying here till 12nd Nov.

Top Secret: her b-day is on 13rd Nov. :Z

Secret Kisses