The Spirits Live On

A single youth,
Lying with a red deer's skull,
Awaiting burial or cremation.

On his body, tattooed,
Images of carved spirals.

The spirits live on to perpetuate the memory
Of the people who made this House of the Dead,
'They were just like us'.

3 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Northside hum.....upgrade ? Dart who ?

On the streets of ljubliana eh eh eh...

May the Force be with you


Anónimo disse...

DART? NÃO é "Dar-te"! Significa "Dublin Area Rapid Transit". Eu respondo pelo Peixinho.

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Bem... Ke ppl + giro, respondem por mim e nem se identificam! LOL. Alguém ke gosta de Dublin ou percebe de comboios...

Tks Avraham, may the force be with u 2!

Hugzzz & Kisses