Hey! Edyta Is Coming Back!

You shot your cake, you drop its body in the Vistula river. You had no choice.

Edyta's coming, we're still running.

And... everyday is just another town.

Congrats for your 2nd birthday!!.

[photo by Kraak/Peixinho @ Residence Diana, Varsovia (PL), 15 Set '07]

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Mocho Falante disse...

Ora cá estou eu aqui para dar um abraço de bom fim de semana

extravaganza disse...

Do you know what that reminds me of? Marge Simpson's haircut!! lol

Is it better than my chocolat cake, hum? Is it?? :P

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Mocho :) Obrigado. Correu tudo bem. Espero que também tenhas tido um bom fim-de-semana! A ver se a partir de hoje começo a pôr a leitura em dia :))

Hugzz abraçados

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Extravaganza :) !!! LOLLL! Yes! It's true. I didn't realize that! I laughed too much whem I saw your comment in Poland. I also showed this to one of my friends. HAHA!

But, I recognize despite the taste of this cake, yours is certainly better!

Love ya.

Chocs Kisses

Edyta disse...

On behalf of my cake I would like to thank you for your interest. I always know that sękacz makes an international career, even though it isn't as good as chocolate cake.

By the way, Kraak you said that you liked this taste, didn't you???

Edyta (only supplement to the cake:))).

extravaganza disse...

Edyta consider yourself invited to bake your cake in my place in your 1st (I suppose) visit to Portugal! :)


Edyta disse...

Extravaganza, unfortunatelly to bake this kind of cake you need special facilities (this is very traditional way). But you can be sure that I'll bring you "sękacz", maybe the smaller version but the taste will be the same, when I come to Portugal.
See you soon:).

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Edyta :) Of course I liked that taste but Extravaganza's Chocolat Cake is REALLY very special and tasty!! You need to taste. You will!

Waiting 4 u all here in spring time.

Spring's Kisses

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Extravaganza :) We will organize a meeting in Lisbon, next spring. They'll have an opportunity to taste all good things we have here including of course your chocolat cake!

Do you think should I show them also the bad things? HAHA.

Good Kisses

Edyta disse...

No comment!

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Edyta :) Angry?

Edyta disse...


Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Edyta :) WEE! Kraak happy! :D

Kiss with a smile

extravaganza disse...

Spring is a very nice season for your 1st visit to Portugal!!

1 suggestion: pic-nic in "Cromeleque dos Almendres" (our small Stonehenge), in the heart of portuguese country side, Alentejo. It's great! Great wine, great cuisine, great bakery!

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Extravaganza :) I hope they can visit us next spring. We'll try to show them our (great) portuguese cuisine! :)

Edyta, what u think?

Kisses with food

Edyta disse...

It sounds great.
I'm coming!!!:)

I can't wait...

Kraak/Peixinho disse...

Edyta :) I hope so!! :))

Kiss with vodka