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The Swedish rail passenger operator SJ AB can look back on 2004 as a year ending in profit. The fourth quarter was the best ever in SJ AB’s history and ended with a profit of SEK 101 million (EUR 11,2 million). All in all for 2004 the total profit was SEK 190 million (EUR 21,1 million). This means that SJ AB in 2 years has turned from a company on the verge of ruin, to a profitable company.
The total turnover reached SEK 5,7 billion (EUR 634 million), and that is 2% lower than in 2003 — SEK 5,8 billion (EUR 647 million). The total result after tax was SEK 190 million and that can be compared with SEK —101 million (EUR —11,2 million) in 2003. In 2002 the result was SEK —994 million (EUR —110 million) and in 2001, the first year of operation for SJ AB the result was SEK —49 million (EUR -5,4 million).
Presently SJ AB has 3.273 co-workers, and that is a reduction from 3.524 in 2003.

The train travelling in Sweden was somewhat reduced during 2004, mainly due to higher competition, but also because the customers are more price sensitive than before. The cheap airlines however, can only compete on some of the routes where the trains are operated. On the train the travellers can use the time better, both for work and relaxing.
Traffic safety, full and clean trains, better punctuality and good traffic information are the basis for the quality work. The punctuality for all trains operated by SJ was 93%, compared to 92% in 2003. For the last quarter the punctuality was 92%, compared to 91% in the last quarter of 2003.
SJ launched the travel guarantee in January 2004 that gives the customer a new ticket by larger delays, and shows that the punctuality is taken seriously.
Trains with a new design, better mobile coverage, internet access, and larger bistros are some of the news that are introduced on board the trains. All in all SJ invests some SEK 3,5 billion EUR 390 million).

The new fast regional double-deck trains helps especially the business customers as they can start their working day in the train, thanks to electricity available at each seat, functioning mobile coverage, and within shortly also Internet access. SJ will also introduce further interesting news during the coming year, as for example the ticket free travelling for everybody.

(by Helena Kyster-Hansen, X-Rail)

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